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Number of Tales Written: 38
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Average Rating per Page: 88
Average SCP Rating: 127
Average Tale Rating: 62


Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-1655 (Sorrow Tick) Rating: 48 Tags: ['animal', 'euclid', 'scp', 'arachnid', 'memory-affecting', 'parasitic']
SCP-1948 (Weather Bird) Rating: 27 Tags: ['animal', 'avian', 'safe', 'scp', 'meteorological']
Lord Blackwood and the Thaumaturge Rating: 49 Tags: ['_d', 'tale', 'blackwood']
SCP-1510 (The Tarnished Legionnaire ) Rating: 178 Tags: ['military', 'safe', 'scp', 'clothing', 'memory-affecting', 'metallic', 'mind-affecting']
Guard Duty Rating: 65 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1440 (The Old Man from Nowhere) Rating: 476 Tags: ['sentient', 'indestructible', 'alive', 'humanoid', 'keter', 'sapient', 'scp', 'uncontained']
A Day at the Call Center Rating: 71 Tags: ['_d', 'unusual-incidents-unit', 'tale']
Favors-Part One Rating: 45 Tags: ['_d', 'reclamation', 'tale', 'nobody']
SCP-1880 (Gem of Aspects) Rating: 108 Tags: ['artifact', 'auditory', 'engraved', 'mind-affecting', 'safe', 'sapient', 'scp', 'sentient', 'nobody']
Thrice Rating: 139 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
Chains Rating: 45 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1770 (The Maker of Chains) Rating: 49 Tags: ['self-replicating', 'euclid', 'humanoid', 'scp', 'transfiguration', 'artifact', 'metallic']
Just What We Do Rating: 48 Tags: ['_d', 'unusual-incidents-unit', 'tale']
Rise Rating: 41 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1330 (Universal Dumping Grounds) Rating: 148 Tags: ['artifact', 'euclid', 'extradimensional', 'location', 'scp', 'spacetime']
Favors-Part Two Rating: 42 Tags: ['_d', 'reclamation', 'tale', 'nobody']
SCP-1321 (Cathar Journal ) Rating: 121 Tags: ['safe', 'horizon-initiative', 'cognitohazard', 'document', 'hallucination', 'mind-affecting', 'neutralized', 'religious', 'scp', 'visual']
Fire on the Horizon Rating: 54 Tags: ['_d', 'horizon-initiative', 'tale']
Quiet Days Rating: 423 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1650 (Macabee Oil) Rating: 50 Tags: ['horizon-initiative', 'toxic', 'scp', 'safe', 'religious', 'liquid', 'food', 'container']
SCP-921 (Museum of Memories ) Rating: 146 Tags: ['subterranean', 'geological', 'visual', 'telepathic', 'structure', 'scp', 'location', 'hallucination', 'euclid', 'auditory']
The Glorious Revolution Rating: 31 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
Ichor Rating: 49 Tags: ['_d', 'are-we-cool-yet', 'tale']
SCP-361 (Bronze Liver) Rating: 207 Tags: ['scp', 'safe', 'ritual', 'religious', 'metallic', 'language', 'engraved', 'artifact', 'acoustic']
SCP-1295 (Meg's Diner) Rating: 373 Tags: ['transfiguration', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'mind-affecting', 'keter', 'humanoid', 'building', 'alive']
The Most Dangerous Game of All Rating: 70 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1410 (Sweating Stone) Rating: 37 Tags: ['telepathic', 'stone', 'scp', 'liquid', 'euclid', 'ectoentropic']
Empty Nights Rating: 117 Tags: ['_d', 'featured', 'tale']
Memory of a Memory Rating: 54 Tags: ['_d', 'antarctic-exchange', 'tale', 'nyc2013']
Tolerance Rating: 32 Tags: ['_d', 'etdp', 'tale', 'horizon-initiative']
SCP-1595 (Out of Time) Rating: 168 Tags: ['temporal', 'scp', 'inscription', 'euclid']
A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Rating: 136 Tags: ['_d', 'tale', 'five-questions']
SCP-1915 (Status Quo) Rating: 185 Tags: ['transfiguration', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'mind-affecting', 'humanoid', 'euclid', 'ectoentropic', 'alive']
Letters to a Prophet Rating: 52 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
The Horizon Blues Rating: 21 Tags: ['_d', 'tale', 'horizon-initiative', 'etdp']
Letters to a Prophet #2: Scry Harder Rating: 42 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
The Man Comes Around Rating: 23 Tags: ['_d', 'tale', 'horizon-initiative', 'etdp']
No More Rating: 58 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1710 (Life as a Tree) Rating: 179 Tags: ['sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'plant', 'euclid', 'arboreal', 'alive', 'acoustic']
SCP-164-J (Ear Magic) Rating: 71 Tags: ['sensory', 'ectoentropic', 'unclassed', 'scp', 'ritual', 'joke', 'auditory']
Breath, Pulse, Blood, Spine Rating: 77 Tags: ['featured', '_d', 'tale']
The Price We Pay Rating: 72 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1711 (You Speak My Language ) Rating: 100 Tags: ['scp', 'mind-affecting', 'liquid', 'language', 'gaseous', 'euclid', 'document', 'chemical']
Surfaces Rating: 49 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-2500 (A Higher Purpose) Rating: 134 Tags: ['sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'mobile', 'light', 'euclid', 'autonomous', '2000']
A Question of Commerce Rating: 34 Tags: ['_d', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', 'tale']
SCP-1935 (An Empty Chamber ) Rating: 61 Tags: ['unclassed', 'visual', 'scp', 'neutralized', 'hallucination', 'extraterrestrial', 'building', 'auditory']
Dog Eat Dog, Part 1 Rating: 16 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-1765 (Sisters ) Rating: 107 Tags: ['temporal', 'spacetime', 'serpents-hand', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'keter', 'humanoid', 'ectoentropic', 'building']
Nothing and Five and Five Rating: 42 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
The Stars Do Not Wait For You Rating: 91 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-032 (Brothers' Bride ) Rating: 104 Tags: ['sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'humanoid', 'euclid', 'biohazard', 'autonomous']
Beneath the Name Rating: 25 Tags: ['_d', 'oneiroi', 'tale']
Chasing Interest Rating: 34 Tags: ['_d', 'oneiroi', 'chaos-insurgency', 'tale']
This Is Not Me Talking Rating: 43 Tags: ['tale', '_d']
SCP-2710 (A Certain Breach ) Rating: 75 Tags: ['sentient', 'sensory', 'scp', 'sapient', 'meta', 'keter', 'hallucination']
SCP-2215 (I Saw the Sign ) Rating: 25 Tags: ['wooden', 'scp', 'safe', 'mobile', 'engraved', 'chaos-insurgency', 'acoustic']
SCP-2165 (Irredeemable ) Rating: 41 Tags: ['uncontained', 'unclassed', 'scp', 'meta', 'sc2015']
The Has-Been Rating: 25 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
SCP-2185 (The Aquaform Thaumaturgic Union ) Rating: 87 Tags: ['co-authored', 'euclid', 'biological', 'telekinetic', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'humanoid', 'aquatic']
Three Short Scenes About Death Rating: 44 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
Therapy Rating: 35 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
Painless Rating: 42 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
Surgery Rating: 32 Tags: ['_d', 'tale']
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