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Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-668 (13" Chef's Knife) Rating: 162 Tags: ['scp', 'euclid', 'metallic', 'mind-affecting', 'tool', 'weapon'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-668
SCP-953 (Polymorphic Humanoid) Rating: 167 Tags: ['keter', 'scp', 'sentient', 'humanoid', 'animal', 'metamorphic', 'mind-affecting', 'vulpine'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-953
SCP-447 (Ball of Green Slime) Rating: 319 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'liquid', 'sphere', 'cadaver', 'ectoentropic'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-447
SCP-231 (Special Personnel Requirements) Rating: 812 Tags: ['keter', 'scp', 'humanoid', 'reproductive', 'ritual', 'alive', 'heritage', 'sapient', 'sentient', 'k-class-scenario'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-231
Dr Clef's Proposal Rating: 586 Tags: ['euclid', 'keter', 'humanoid', 'religious', 'ectoentropic', 'portal', 'sapient', 'scp', 'k-class-scenario'] http://scp-wiki.net/dr-clef-s-proposal
Personal Log of Agent AA Rating: 43 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/log-of-agent-aa
SCP-237 (Modern-Day Pygmalion) Rating: 12 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'humanoid'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-237
Incident 239-B - Clef-Kondraki Rating: 108 Tags: ['tale', '_dr', 'co-authored'] http://scp-wiki.net/incident-239-b-clef-kondraki
SCP-1023-ARC (A Broken Telekill Sword) Rating: 6 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'archived', 'metallic', 'weapon'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1023-arc
Supplemental Report 239-B-192 Rating: 56 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/supplemental-report-239-b-192
Termination_Order Rating: 180 Tags: ['tale', 'global-occult-coalition', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/termination-order
SCP-297 ("Steely Dan") Rating: 115 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'appliance', 'electronic', 'vibration', 'toy'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-297
Agent Ukelele Rating: 30 Tags: ['tale', '_dr', 'global-occult-coalition'] http://scp-wiki.net/agent-ukelele
085-Romance-Adult Rating: 119 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/085-romance-adult
SCP-4444-J (Disinformation Campaign: Operation Golden Origin) Rating: 25 Tags: ['joke', 'euclid', 'scp', 'extradimensional', 'document', 'electronic'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-4444-j
SCP-342 (A Ticket to Ride) Rating: 403 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'auditory', 'document', 'hallucination', 'metamorphic', 'mind-affecting', 'self-repairing', 'visual'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-342
SCP-450 (Abandoned Federal Penitentiary) Rating: 265 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'ritual', 'building', 'hallucination', 'featured'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-450
SCP-784-ARC (Posthuman Brain) Rating: 26 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'humanoid', 'biological', 'microscopic', 'swarm', 'archived', 'prometheus'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-784-arc
SCP-807 (Heart Attack on a Plate) Rating: 139 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'food', 'artifact', 'compulsion', 'transfiguration'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-807
SCP-572 (Katana of Apparent Invincibility) Rating: 262 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'weapon', 'cognitohazard', 'compulsion', 'mind-affecting'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-572
SCP-016 (Sentient Micro-Organism) Rating: 285 Tags: ['keter', 'biohazard', 'scp', 'contagion', 'sapient', 'transfiguration', 'alive', 'species'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-016
SCP-048 (The Cursed SCP Number) Rating: 368 Tags: ['scp', 'unclassed', 'meta', 'probability', 'mathematical'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-048
The 784 Incident: Part 1: Contact Rating: 39 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident1
The 784 Incident: Part 2: Negotiation Rating: 36 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident2
The 784 Incident: Part 3: Escalation Rating: 26 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident3
SCP-835 (Expunged Data Released) Rating: 370 Tags: ['keter', 'scp', 'alive', 'transfiguration', 'contagion', 'self-repairing', 'bacteria', 'aquatic', 'co-authored'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-835
The 784 Incident: Part 4: Breach Rating: 24 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident4
The 784 Incident: Part 5: Breaking Point Rating: 26 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident5
The 784 Incident: Part 6: Escape Rating: 27 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident6
The 784 Incident: Part 7: Conclusion Rating: 54 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/784incident7
The Man with Oscilloscope Eyes Rating: 15 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/first-interlude
Clef And Dimitri Hit The Road Rating: 274 Tags: ['tale', 'global-occult-coalition', '_dr', 'co-authored'] http://scp-wiki.net/clef-and-dimitri-hit-the-road
The Real Monsters Rating: 15 Tags: ['tale', '_dr', 'creepypasta'] http://scp-wiki.net/the-real-monsters
SCP-823 (Carnival of Horrors) Rating: 351 Tags: ['scp', 'euclid', 'location', 'auditory', 'cognitohazard'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-823
Chowderclef Rating: 197 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/chowderclef
Of Multiverses and Dandelion Wine Rating: 203 Tags: ['tale', 'featured', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/dandelions
… the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known. Rating: 140 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/the-best-and-the-wisest
Name, Rank, Serial Number Rating: 81 Tags: ['tale', 'featured', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/name-rank-serial-number
SCP-191 (Cyborg Child) Rating: 260 Tags: ['computer', 'humanoid', 'safe', 'scp', 'sentient', 'sapient'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-191
Transcript of Dr. Clef's seminar, "Reality Benders and You: How to Survive When Existence Doesn't." Rating: 441 Tags: ['tale', 'orientation', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/clef101
Clean Sweep Rating: 93 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/clean-sweep
Game Day Phase 2: "… And Then I Saw The Light" Rating: 33 Tags: ['tale', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-and-then-i-saw-the-light
A Working Lunch Rating: 40 Tags: ['tale', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-a-working-lunch
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Rating: 38 Tags: ['tale', 'serpents-hand', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel
"Sometimes You Get the Bear…" Rating: 33 Tags: ['tale', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-sometimes-you-get-the-bear
Tunneling Between Worlds Rating: 31 Tags: ['tale', 'serpents-hand', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-tunneling-between-worlds
Point In Line Rating: 34 Tags: ['co-authored', 'tale', 'global-occult-coalition', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', 'nobody', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-point-in-line
The World From a Different Angle Rating: 55 Tags: ['tale', 'global-occult-coalition', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-looking-at-the-world-from-a-different-angle
Angle of Attack Rating: 54 Tags: ['tale', 'global-occult-coalition', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', 'serpents-hand', '_dr', 'game-day', 'co-authored'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-angle-of-attack
Attacking The Darkness Rating: 55 Tags: ['co-authored', 'tale', 'broken-god', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', '_dr', 'game-day'] http://scp-wiki.net/gdp2-attacking-the-darkness
Don't Worry About It Rating: 14 Tags: ['collaboration', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/don-tworryaboutit
Rascal One Actual Rating: 147 Tags: ['nyc2013', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/rascal-one-actual
Interlude - Excerpt From An Auction Catalog - Marshall Carter And Dark, 2012 Rating: 88 Tags: ['nyc2013', 'tale', '_dr', 'marshall-carter-and-dark'] http://scp-wiki.net/interlude-excerpt-from-an-auction-catalog-marshall-carter-an
Items from a Global Occult Coalition Document Bag Rating: 102 Tags: ['nyc2013', 'tale', '_dr', 'global-occult-coalition'] http://scp-wiki.net/taken-from-a-global-occult-coalition-casefile
Text of a Condolence Letter - Federal Bureau of Investigation, Unusual Incidents Unit Rating: 86 Tags: ['unusual-incidents-unit', '_dr', 'tale', 'nyc2013'] http://scp-wiki.net/text-of-a-condolence-letter-federal-bureau-of-investigation
Special Assets Rating: 90 Tags: ['_dr', 'nyc2013', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/special-assets
Da Capo al Fine Rating: 196 Tags: ['_dr', 'nyc2013', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/da-capo-al-fine
SPC-1764 (DARD Information Restrictions Apply) Rating: 231 Tags: ['artifact', 'extradimensional', 'keter', 'meta', 'metallic', 'scp'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1764
SCP-2461 (Aftermath) Rating: 89 Tags: ['2000', 'global-occult-coalition', 'historical', 'humanoid', 'safe', 'scp', 'vehicle', 'weapon'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2461
SCP-1949 (Jonathan Harris) Rating: 138 Tags: ['document', 'euclid', 'probability', 'scp', 'alive', 'humanoid', 'sapient', 'sentient'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1949
Private Hell Rating: 103 Tags: ['lolfoundation', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/private-hell
Transcript of Incident BL-7 Alpha Rating: 28 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-incident-bl-7-alpha
Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Field Manual 13: Special Circumstances, Humanoid Threat Entities Rating: 51 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-humanoid-guide
Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Threat Entity Database Rating: 48 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr', 'collaboration'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-threat-entities
Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Field Manual 1: Operative's Handbook Rating: 31 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-basic-guide
Excerpts from PHYSICS Division Field Manual 2: Equipment and Gear Rating: 44 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-equipment
"Assessment" Rating: 38 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-assessment
"Strike" Rating: 37 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-strike
"Special Observer" Rating: 28 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-special-observer
"Farpoint" Rating: 35 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-farpoint
Transcript of a lecture given by Professor ████████████ on Applied Thaumatology. Rating: 62 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-thaumatology
"AWTOK" Rating: 46 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-awtok
"Joint Venture" Rating: 37 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-joint-venture
Transcript of a lecture given by Professor ████████████ on Aetheric Energy and Aspect Radiation. Rating: 45 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-arad
Transcript of a lecture given by Professor ████████████ on Thaumatic Workings. Rating: 37 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-thaumworkings
Transcript of a lecture given by Professor ████████████: Conclusion, Q and A Rating: 42 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-supplemental-qandq
"Trauma" Rating: 44 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-trauma
"Tempering" Rating: 27 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-tempering
"Vigil" Rating: 27 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-vigil
SCP-2317 (A Door to Another World) Rating: 587 Tags: ['alive', 'extradimensional', 'humanoid', 'keter', 'ritual', 'sapient', 'scp', 'sentient', 'k-class-scenario'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2317
"Come into my Parlor" Rating: 60 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-comeintomyparlor
"Diplomacy" Rating: 42 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-diplomacy
"UHEC" Rating: 63 Tags: ['global-occult-coalition', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-uhec
"Scramble Order" Rating: 23 Tags: ['_dr', 'global-occult-coalition', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/goc-tale-sequence-scrambleorder
Contingency Rating: 74 Tags: ['tale', 'resurrection', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/contingency
What's In A Name? Rating: 68 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/what-s-in-a-name
New Tricks (or: Youth Culture Killed My Dog) Rating: 66 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr', 'co-authored'] http://scp-wiki.net/new-tricks
Girls' Night Out: Dressing Up Rating: 47 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/dressing-up
Girls' Night Out: Getting Drunk Rating: 39 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/getting-drunk
Girls' Night Out: Raising Hell Rating: 55 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/raising-hell
Number One With A Bullet Rating: 47 Tags: ['resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/number-one-with-a-bullet
Mementos Rating: 68 Tags: ['tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/mementos
Operation "Camp Granada" Rating: 91 Tags: ['marshall-carter-and-dark', 'resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/hellomuddah
We Got A Good Thing Here Rating: 56 Tags: ['marshall-carter-and-dark', 'resurrection', 'tale', '_dr'] http://scp-wiki.net/we-got-a-good-thing-here
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