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Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-878 (The Actor) Rating: 50 Tags: ['uncontained', 'performance', 'contagion', 'euclid', 'scp', 'humanoid', 'weapon']
SCP-877 (University Microchips) Rating: 193 Tags: ['transmission', 'mind-affecting', 'electronic', 'artifact', 'uncontained', 'keter', 'scp', 'alexylva', 'self-replicating']
Game Day Part 1: Smilers Rating: 33 Tags: ['game-day', '_e', 'tale']
SCP-961 (University Sundial) Rating: 128 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'hallucination', 'tool', 'historical', 'alexylva']
SCP-1080 (The Creche) Rating: 128 Tags: ['vehicle', 'temporal', 'mind-affecting', 'inscription', 'humanoid', 'safe', 'scp', 'container', 'transfiguration', 'alexylva']
SCP-1081 (University Speakers) Rating: 70 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'acoustic', 'alexylva', 'language', 'mind-affecting']
SCP-1546 (University Ballcap) Rating: 54 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'clothing', 'electronic', 'empathic', 'mind-affecting', 'alexylva']
Year Of The Many Rating: 54 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
SCP-1083 (University Skull) Rating: 72 Tags: ['safe', 'scp', 'crystalline', 'humanoid', 'mind-affecting', 'skeletal', 'alexylva', 'serpents-hand']
SCP-1084 (Damaged Mausoleum) Rating: 122 Tags: ['euclid', 'scp', 'artifact', 'compulsion', 'location', 'structure', 'mind-affecting', 'historical']
SCP-1087 (White Tarsier) Rating: 63 Tags: ['predatory', 'biohazard', 'animal', 'alive', 'safe', 'scp', 'simian', 'chemical', 'mind-affecting']
The Red Woodsman Rating: 46 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
SCP-1851-EX (Drapetomania) Rating: 205 Tags: ['historical', 'unclassed', 'scp', 'mind-affecting', 'contagion', 'explained']
The Happy Ending Rating: 113 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
SCP-1082 (The Whole Truth) Rating: 147 Tags: ['mind-affecting', 'euclid', 'document', 'compulsion', 'scp', 'memetic']
Conversation 1: Omicron Rating: 39 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Conversation 2: Numberless Rating: 30 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Conversation 3: Decommissioning Rating: 68 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Cursed Rating: 38 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
SCP-1086 (Second-Brain Syndrome) Rating: 39 Tags: ['transfiguration', 'neurological', 'mind-affecting', 'contagion', 'bacteria', 'euclid', 'scp']
SCP-1085 (Pound Off the Pounds!) Rating: 149 Tags: ['compulsion', 'euclid', 'scp', 'media', 'mind-affecting', 'recording']
Hephaestus Rating: 47 Tags: ['project-crossover', '_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
Naptime Rating: 69 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Stare Rating: 181 Tags: ['_e', 'featured', 'tale', 'alexylva']
Scripture Rating: 38 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
SCP-373 (Ghost Record) Rating: 87 Tags: ['predatory', 'musical', 'mind-affecting', 'artifact', 'acoustic', 'safe', 'scp']
SCP-1963 (Very Funny Slingshot) Rating: 63 Tags: ['weapon', 'probability', 'mind-affecting', 'euclid', 'scp']
Love In Leetspeak Rating: 74 Tags: ['event-featured', '_e', 'tale']
Ghost Rating: 38 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Stray Rating: 53 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
SCP-1893 (The Minotaur's Tale) Rating: 549 Tags: ['transfiguration', 'sentient', 'sapient', 'memetic', 'infohazard', 'knowledge', 'meta', 'euclid', 'narrative', 'scp']
SCP-1998 (Concentration Enhancer, Standard) Rating: 129 Tags: ['featured', 'weapon', 'neurological', 'ectoentropic', 'alexylva', 'mind-affecting', 'safe', 'scp']
Dramatis Personae Rating: 29 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
Protect Rating: 71 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Commencement Rating: 28 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
SCP-046 ("Predatory" Holly Bush) Rating: 124 Tags: ['biological', 'carnivorous', 'compulsion', 'euclid', 'hallucination', 'infohazard', 'plant', 'predatory', 'scp']
Deontic Rating: 30 Tags: ['_e', 'alexylva', 'tale', 'chaos-insurgency']
Home Rating: 32 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Fight Rating: 25 Tags: ['_e', 'tale']
Soliloquy Rating: 26 Tags: ['_e', 'alexylva', 'tale']
SCP-1993 (Your Leg) Rating: 149 Tags: ['extremity', 'visual', 'mind-affecting', 'cognitohazard', 'euclid', 'memory-affecting', 'scp']
SCP-1783 (Cardboard Cutout Dog) Rating: 97 Tags: ['biohazard', 'canine', 'contagion', 'safe', 'scp', 'teleportation', 'serpents-hand']
Good Morning, Sunshine Rating: 21 Tags: ['_e', 'alexylva', 'tale']
SCP-1173 (The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace) Rating: 359 Tags: ['auditory', 'contagion', 'euclid', 'hallucination', 'knowledge', 'memory-affecting', 'scp']
SCP-1750 (Model TH-223) Rating: 85 Tags: ['transmission', 'indestructible', 'airborne', 'sphere', 'scp', 'safe']
Repel Rating: 17 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
Negotiation Rating: 15 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'alexylva']
SCP-1271 (Kickball Field, Sheckler Elementary) Rating: 158 Tags: ['sport', 'mind-affecting', 'location', 'game', 'teleportation', 'scp', 'memory-affecting', 'language', 'euclid']
Cast On Rating: 57 Tags: ['_e', 'green-king', 'tale', 'nyc2013']
RE: Rating: 45 Tags: ['_e', 'green-king', 'tale', 'nyc2013']
SCP-1380 (Room #16) Rating: 67 Tags: ['spacetime', 'teleportation', 'location', 'building', 'artifact', 'scp', 'euclid']
SCP-1480 (Bus #64) Rating: 107 Tags: ['transmission', 'sentient', 'light', 'safe', 'extraterrestrial', 'vehicle', 'scp']
SCP-1680 (Tyler) Rating: 105 Tags: ['sentient', 'self-replicating', 'sapient', 'loop', 'alive', 'vehicle', 'humanoid', 'scp', 'euclid']
SCP-2998 (Anomalous Transmission, 2485 MHz) Rating: 535 Tags: ['extraterrestrial', 'transmission', 'scp', 'meta', 'infohazard', 'euclid', '2000']
SCP-096-J (NarrAway) Rating: 93 Tags: ['online', 'transmission', 'scp', 'safe', 'recording', 'media', 'joke', 'computer']
Denouement and Epilogue Rating: 26 Tags: ['_e', 'bellerverse', 'tale', 'alexylva']
Through the Out-Land, and What David and Tim Found There Rating: 46 Tags: ['_e', 'lolfoundation', 'tale']
MEMORANDUM 117 REGARDING PROJECT 025 Rating: 30 Tags: ['goi-format', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
Fik'ra Rating: 20 Tags: ['_e', 'green-king', 'tale', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
Of Mats And Masquerades Rating: 13 Tags: ['_e', 'unusual-incidents-unit', 'tale', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
MEMORANDA REGARDING PROJECT 001 Rating: 31 Tags: ['goi-format', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
Of Teachers And Taxicabs Rating: 14 Tags: ['_e', 'unusual-incidents-unit', 'tale', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
Hava Rating: 16 Tags: ['_e', 'green-king', 'tale', 'reclamation', 'goi2014']
MEMORANDUM 083 REGARDING PROJECT "GUARDIANSHIP" Rating: 44 Tags: ['unusual-incidents-unit', 'serpents-hand', 'reclamation', 'prometheus', 'professor-aw', 'nobody', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', 'manna-charitable-foundation', 'horizon-initiative', 'herman-fuller', 'gru-division-p', 'goi-format', 'global-occult-coalition', 'fifthist', 'factory', 'dr-wondertainment', 'chaos-insurgency', 'broken-god', 'black-queen', 'are-we-cool-yet', 'alexylva']
Dust Brothers Rating: 13 Tags: ['goi-format', 'fifthist']
∆K=([ϑK/ ϑx], [ ϑK/ ϑy], [ ϑK/ ϑz]) Or: Episiotometrics Rating: 41 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'dc2014']
SCP-2780 (Temporal Anomaly, 618 Evergreen St.) Rating: 98 Tags: ['temporal', 'scp', 'safe', 'building', 'auditory']
PROJECT 4533 Rating: 40 Tags: ['goi-format', 'daevite', 'rei2015', 'reclamation']
Like We Were Ever Kindergarten Teachers to Start With Rating: 61 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'resurrection']
All This Wandering Rating: 14 Tags: ['_e', 'tale', 'resurrection']
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