Pages Authored: 34

Number of SCPs Written: 2
Number of Tales Written: 32

Net Upvotes Received: 1913
Average Rating per Page: 56
Average SCP Rating: 117
Average Tale Rating: 52


Title Rating Tags Link
Crunch Rating: 201 Tags: ['_t', 'tale']
My Hell Rating: 24 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Decency Rating: 188 Tags: ['_g', 'featured', 'tale']
Discussion Rating: 22 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Eldritch Application Rating: 284 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Catch Your Death Rating: 24 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Entropy Rating: 16 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Pan-Wotcher Rating: 26 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
SCP-697 (Toxic Terraforming) Rating: 95 Tags: ['biohazard', 'container', 'euclid', 'featured', 'liquid', 'organic', 'plant', 'scp', 'self-replicating', 'transfiguration']
Betrayal Will Not Save You Rating: 57 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Poor Bastard Rating: 17 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
People Are Not Wearing Enough Hats Rating: 45 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Repost Rating: 21 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
What Is Wrong With You Rating: 27 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Translated From Palauan Rating: 30 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Foundation Burger Rating: 69 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
SCP+MLP=DNC Rating: 70 Tags: ['_g', 'project-crossover', 'tale']
From The Mists Of Time Rating: 32 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
You Are Not Insignificant Rating: 34 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Sgt Pepper Rating: 25 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Don't Blink Rating: 12 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
SCP-7475-J (Turbo Shark Pulverizer 6000) Rating: 140 Tags: ['alive', 'aquatic', 'euclid', 'hostile', 'humanoid', 'joke', 'piscine', 'scp', 'selachian', 'shark-punching-center']
Contrast Rating: 33 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
It's Not Spelled Like That! Rating: 85 Tags: ['_g', 'shark-punching-center', 'tale']
If It Were The 80s Rating: 53 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Stepping Out Rating: 33 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Have A Heart Rating: 70 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Ennui Rating: 37 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
Fading Rating: 12 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
About Tree Fiddy Rating: 20 Tags: ['_g', 'shark-punching-center', 'tale']
One Last Punch For The Road Rating: 59 Tags: ['_g', 'shark-punching-center', 'tale']
Piercing The Night Vale Rating: 7 Tags: ['_g', 'project-crossover', 'tale']
The Czar Cometh Rating: 24 Tags: ['_g', 'lolfoundation', 'tale']
After Amusement Rating: 21 Tags: ['_g', 'tale']
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