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Number of SCPs Written: 6
Number of Tales Written: 8
Number of GOI Formats Written: 1

Net Upvotes Received: 762
Average Rating per Page: 50
Average SCP Rating: 92


Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-2257(House God) Rating: 112 Tags: ['transfiguration', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'safe', 'religious', 'building']
Project Proposal 1964-301: "The Essence of Indolence" Rating: 22 Tags: ['goi-format', 'are-we-cool-yet', 'goi2014']
SCP-4002-J(Curd of Prey) Rating: 65 Tags: ['joke', 'auditory', 'visual', 'scp', 'mind-affecting', 'meta', 'memetic', 'food', 'euclid', 'cognitohazard']
Shellfish For Breakfast Rating: 35 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
Banana Smoothie Rating: 23 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
SCP-2047(Collaboration) Rating: 96 Tags: ['sotm', 'co-authored', 'transmission', 'sphere', 'scp', 'planet', 'metallic', 'keter', 'inscribed', 'extradimensional']
Just Like Me Rating: 17 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
Green Thumb Hub Rating: 9 Tags: ['_i', 'the-gulf', 'tale', 'hub']
How To Debate An Armchair Rating: 45 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
Canola Oil Panic Rating: 20 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
SCP-2049(The Interdimensional Weather Station) Rating: 155 Tags: ['extradimensional', 'featured', 'transmission', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'meteorological', 'keter', 'humanoid', 'alive']
It Grows On Trees Rating: 16 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
Existential Crisis Rating: 18 Tags: ['_i', 'tale']
SCP-2488(Safety Harbor Milk Delivery Service) Rating: 42 Tags: ['telekinetic', 'scp', 'safe', 'reanimation', 'gustatory', 'food', 'cognitohazard', 'city', 'cadaver']
SCP-2062(Kronecker) Rating: 87 Tags: ['unclassed', 'scp', 'online', 'meta', 'extradimensional']
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