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Number of SCPs Written: 3
Number of Tales Written: 27
Number of GOI Formats Written: 0

Net Upvotes Received: 1309
Average Rating per Page: 43
Average SCP Rating: 42
Average Tale Rating: 43


Title Rating Tags Link
The Journal Of J S Junior Technician Rating: 27 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Choir Of The Damned Rating: 23 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'broken-god']
A Lack Of Proper Procedure Rating: 86 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
We've Got A Runner Rating: 49 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Final Proof Rating: 22 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Law And Order Rating: 35 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Valued Benefactor Rating: 40 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Fin. Rating: 39 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Skin Deep Rating: 41 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'factory']
Just A Stool Rating: 40 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Goodbye Rating: 32 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Liability Rating: 41 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'dr-wondertainment']
SCP-1463 (Seor Purple) Rating: 71 Tags: ['safe', 'automaton', 'humanoid', 'scp', 'toxic', 'transfiguration']
Cogwork Rating: 30 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'broken-god']
Several Creative Promotions Rating: 34 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Laughing Matter Rating: 73 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Deeper Rating: 93 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Sweet Memories Rating: 84 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'hc2012']
Love is Patient, Love is Kind Rating: 27 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
Quid Non Scitum Est Rating: 76 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'nyc2013']
The Root Of All Knowledge Rating: 40 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'five-questions']
SCP-1798 (Boeing's Best) Rating: 52 Tags: ['euclid', 'vehicle', 'transmission', 'scp', 'extradimensional', 'ectoentropic']
A-C Sharp-E Rating: 40 Tags: ['daevite', 'classical-revival', '_j', 'tale']
SCP-1831 (Cryonic Tea Party) Rating: 3 Tags: ['euclid', 'thermal', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'medical', 'humanoid', 'canine', 'building', 'artifact', 'alive']
New Frontiers Rating: 46 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'marshall-carter-and-dark', 'global-occult-coalition', 'are-we-cool-yet']
The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel Rating: 55 Tags: ['_j', 'tale', 'marshall-carter-and-dark']
The Greater SCP Foundation Exploration Series, Part 12-The Akiva System Rating: 15 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
An FAQ; Or, What The Hell Is A Hume? Rating: 51 Tags: ['_j', 'tale']
An Faq Part Two; Or, Your Hume Questions Answered Rating: 35 Tags: ['_j', 'collaboration', 'tale']
Rollover Hours Rating: 9 Tags: ['tale', '_j']
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