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SCP-1390 (A Dead Language) Rating: 113 Tags: ['cognitohazard', 'euclid', 'language', 'memetic', 'scp']
SCP-2852 (Cousin Johnny) Rating: 112 Tags: ['humanoid', 'insect', 'keter', 'mind-affecting', 'religious', 'scp', 'sentient', 'teleportation']
SCP-2420 (A Good Dog) Rating: 108 Tags: ['animal', 'canine', 'humanoid', 'neutralized', 'sapient', 'scp', 'sentient', 'transfiguration', 'unclassed']
SCP-2690 (Angel's Tongue) Rating: 36 Tags: ['k-class-scenario', 'keter', 'sc2015', 'scp', 'transfiguration']
SCP-2612 (--The Weight of the World-- A Donkey and Its Cart) Rating: 41 Tags: ['artifact', 'cognitohazard', 'empathic', 'k-class-scenario', 'mind-affecting', 'observational', 'safe', 'scp', 'sculpture']
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