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Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-811 (Swamp Woman) Rating: 244 Tags: ['euclid', 'humanoid', 'sentient', 'biohazard', 'sapient', 'scp', 'alive', 'aquatic', 'carnivorous', 'predatory', 'toxic'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-811
SCP-023 (Black Shuck) Rating: 160 Tags: ['scp', 'euclid', 'canine', 'alive', 'animal', 'cognitohazard', 'fire', 'intangible', 'sun', 'teleportation'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-023
SCP-135 (Universal Carcinogen) Rating: 111 Tags: ['scp', 'biohazard', 'euclid', 'humanoid', 'sentient', 'self-repairing', 'transfiguration', 'indestructible', 'medical', 'biological'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-135
Six Little Mice Rating: 95 Tags: ['_p', 'unusual-incidents-unit', 'tale', 'nyc2013'] http://scp-wiki.net/six-little-mice
SCP-1284 (The Moon's Child Bride) Rating: 123 Tags: ['leporine', 'self-repairing', 'transfiguration', 'scp', 'mind-affecting', 'memory-affecting', 'humanoid', 'euclid', 'alive'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1284
Four Tines Blind Rating: 18 Tags: ['_p', 'poetry', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/four-tines-blind
SCP-1359 (Indulgence in Flesh) Rating: 114 Tags: ['visual', 'sentient', 'sapient', 'cognitohazard', 'alive', 'mind-affecting', 'scp', 'humanoid', 'euclid'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1359
Mothers' Love Rating: 10 Tags: ['_p', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/mothers-love
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