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SCP-216 (The Safe) Rating: 219 Tags: ['audio', 'container', 'extradimensional', 'metallic', 'safe', 'scp', 'spacetime']
SCP-603 (Self-Replicating Computer Program) Rating: 234 Tags: ['adaptive', 'cognitohazard', 'computer', 'electronic', 'safe', 'sapient', 'scp', 'self-replicating', 'visual']
jacob-001.txt Rating: 77 Tags: ['interview', 'supplement']
603-FT-2012 Rating: 75 Tags: ['collaboration', 'supplement']
SCP-651 (Tissue-fusing virus) Rating: 22 Tags: ['contagion', 'euclid', 'scp', 'transfiguration', 'virus']
SCP-603-508-Log Rating: 41 Tags: ['supplement']
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