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Average SCP Rating: 419
Average Tale Rating: 139


Title Rating Tags Link
qntm's proposal Rating: 116 Tags: ['stone', 'radioactive', 'indestructible', 'scp', 'safe'] http://scp-wiki.net/qntm-s-proposal
We Need To Talk About Fifty-Five Rating: 248 Tags: ['_q', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/we-need-to-talk-about-fifty-five
Introductory Antimemetics Rating: 178 Tags: ['_q', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/introductory-antimemetics
SCP-2256 (Very Tall Things) Rating: 162 Tags: ['antimemetic', 'memory-affecting', 'cognitohazard', 'meta', 'scp', 'memetic', 'aquatic', 'animal', 'euclid'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2256
Unforgettable, That's What You Are Rating: 95 Tags: ['_q', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/unforgettable-that-s-what-you-are
CASE COLOURLESS GREEN Rating: 109 Tags: ['_q', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/case-colourless-green
Your Last First Day Rating: 67 Tags: ['_q', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/your-last-first-day
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