Pages Authored: 5

Number of SCPs Written: 2
Number of Tales Written: 3

Net Upvotes Received: 376
Average Rating per Page: 75
Average SCP Rating: 135
Average Tale Rating: 35


Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-750 (A Different Outlook on Life) Rating: 125 Tags: ['clothing', 'factory', 'ocular', 'safe', 'scp', 'sensory']
What I'm Here For Rating: 17 Tags: ['_del', 'tale']
The Long Con Rating: 15 Tags: ['_del', 'factory', 'tale']
Sunday Service Rating: 73 Tags: ['_del', 'broken-god', 'featured', 'tale']
SCP-940 (Araneae Marionettes) Rating: 146 Tags: ['alive', 'arachnid', 'co-authored', 'keter', 'parasitic', 'reproductive', 'scp', 'species']
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