Skali Sharpnose

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Number of SCPs Written: 8
Number of Tales Written: 0

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Average Rating per Page: 70
Average SCP Rating: 70


Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-042 (A Formerly Winged Horse) Rating: 71 Tags: ['alive', 'animal', 'equine', 'mind-affecting', 'safe', 'scp', 'sentient']
SCP-134 (Star-Eyed Child) Rating: 131 Tags: ['alive', 'humanoid', 'ocular', 'portal', 'safe', 'scp', 'sentient']
SCP-549 (Ursa Minor) Rating: 44 Tags: ['alive', 'dr-wondertainment', 'euclid', 'scp', 'ursine']
SCP-558 (Strange Contact Lenses) Rating: 83 Tags: ['artifact', 'clothing', 'light', 'medical', 'safe', 'scp', 'visual']
SCP-146 (Bronze Head of Shame) Rating: 38 Tags: ['artistic', 'cognitohazard', 'euclid', 'memory-affecting', 'metallic', 'mind-affecting', 'scp', 'sculpture', 'statue']
SCP-638 (The Roaring One) Rating: 18 Tags: ['acoustic', 'alive', 'humanoid', 'keter', 'mind-affecting', 'scp', 'sentient']
SCP-763 (Human Beowulf Cluster) Rating: 97 Tags: ['alive', 'amorphous', 'safe', 'scp']
SCP-484 (Memory Stealing Drug) Rating: 85 Tags: ['chemical', 'cognitohazard', 'hallucination', 'memory-affecting', 'safe', 'scp']
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