Von Pincier

Pages Authored: 38

Number of SCPs Written: 21
Number of Tales Written: 15
Number of GOI Formats Written: 2

Net Upvotes Received: 3292
Average Rating per Page: 86
Average SCP Rating: 113
Average Tale Rating: 56


Title Rating Tags Link
SCP-1313 (Infini-Measure) Rating: 65 Tags: ['tool', 'tactile', 'knowledge', 'electromagnetic', 'safe', 'scp', 'cognitohazard'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1313
SCP-1548 (The Hateful Star) Rating: 311 Tags: ['uncontained', 'keter', 'scp', 'extraterrestrial', 'knowledge', 'transmission'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1548
SCP-1444 (Brahmastra) Rating: 63 Tags: ['religious', 'scp', 'weapon', 'safe', 'cognitohazard', 'mind-affecting', 'radioactive', 'thermal', 'wooden'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1444
SCP-1143 (Suricate Altar) Rating: 113 Tags: ['visual', 'cognitohazard', 'mind-affecting', 'safe', 'scp'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1143
5700 Years Later Rating: 261 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/5700-years-later
SCP-1255 (Musica Universalis) Rating: 53 Tags: ['extraterrestrial', 'scp', 'musical', 'euclid', 'acoustic'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1255
Warning Call Rating: 42 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/warning-call
SCP-1701 (Sapient Nuclear Reactor Colony) Rating: 132 Tags: ['subterranean', 'geological', 'structure', 'sentient', 'sapient', 'radioactive', 'location', 'scp', 'safe', 'bacteria'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1701
SCP-1822 (The Colonization Guide) Rating: 107 Tags: ['sotm', 'heimdall', 'teleportation', 'metallic', 'artifact', 'scp', 'safe', 'extraterrestrial', 'engraved'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1822
SCP-1654 (Knowledge of the Cause) Rating: 96 Tags: ['scp', 'physics', 'knowledge', 'infohazard', 'indestructible', 'euclid', 'document'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1654
SCP-1917 (The Armour Maker) Rating: 152 Tags: ['military', 'spacetime', 'sentient', 'inscribed', 'autonomous', 'vehicle', 'self-repairing', 'scp', 'sapient', 'safe', 'mechanical'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1917
Portrait of the Artist Rating: 73 Tags: ['_v', 'broken-god', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/portrait-of-the-artist
SCP-1233 (Mammal Terraformer) Rating: 64 Tags: ['scp', 'safe', 'location', 'geological', 'ectoentropic', 'compulsion'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1233
Protocol GATTAI Rating: 102 Tags: ['_v', 'tale', 'dr-wondertainment'] http://scp-wiki.net/protocol-gattai
SCP-2008 (Ramjet Cows) Rating: 159 Tags: ['physics', 'alive', 'scp', 'safe', 'bovine', 'animal', 'airborne'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2008
SCP-2117 (An Oxidist) Rating: 146 Tags: ['sentient', 'autonomous', 'self-repairing', 'ectoentropic', 'uncontained', 'sport', 'scp', 'sapient', 'safe', 'game', 'fire', 'extradimensional'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2117
SCP-1548-CU (The Lovable Star) Rating: 121 Tags: ['af2014', 'animal', 'alive', 'unclassed', 'uncontained', 'scp', 'joke', 'canine'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1548-cu
SCP-2202 (Pythagoreomorph) Rating: 99 Tags: ['autonomous', 'transfiguration', 'sentient', 'plant', 'mathematical', 'hostile', 'amorphous', 'airborne', 'acoustic', 'scp', 'keter', 'intangible', 'global-occult-coalition'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2202
SCP-2302 (Funtime Happy Game Plan) Rating: 39 Tags: ['visual', 'transmission', 'sentient', 'sapient', 'extradimensional', 'electronic', 'cognitohazard', 'acoustic', 'scp', 'euclid'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2302
SCP-2444 (The Arrogance of Kumbhakarna) Rating: 57 Tags: ['stone', 'scp', 'religious', 'physics', 'humanoid', 'euclid', 'electromagnetic', 'biological', 'airborne'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2444
Variations on a Schema Rating: 44 Tags: ['factory', '_v', 'tale', 'goi2014', 'broken-god'] http://scp-wiki.net/variations-on-a-schema
Volume 55.13.A-96: Of the Retooling of Sector 92, Production Line 8b, And Other Matters Rating: 41 Tags: ['goi-format', 'goi2014', 'broken-god'] http://scp-wiki.net/v5513a-96
Volume 21.01.A-01: Of the Five Pillars of the Standardization of Thought Rating: 20 Tags: ['goi-format', 'goi2014', 'broken-god'] http://scp-wiki.net/v2101a01
Oxidation Rating: 17 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/oxidation
Catalysis Rating: 17 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/catalysis
SCP-2544 (Traffic Sadhu) Rating: 33 Tags: ['sensory', 'scp', 'religious', 'mind-affecting', 'euclid'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2544
The Giant at the End of Days Rating: 15 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/the-giant-at-the-end-of-days
I ≠ I Rating: 120 Tags: ['featured', '_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/i-not-i
SCP-2601 (The Death of Insaera) Rating: 94 Tags: ['unclassed', 'sentient', 'scp', 'sapient', 'military', 'humanoid', 'historical', 'clothing', 'autonomous'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2601
SCP-2722 (SCPS Solidarity) Rating: 194 Tags: ['vehicle', 'thermodynamic', 'sensory', 'scp', 'knowledge', 'heimdall', 'extraterrestrial', 'euclid', 'engraved'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2722
SCP-2801 (A Dress-Up Box) Rating: 60 Tags: ['scp', 'safe', 'olfactory', 'mind-affecting', 'inscribed', 'empathic', 'ectoentropic', 'container', 'clothing'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-2801
Brainstorm Rating: 25 Tags: ['_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/brainstorm
The First Fifty-Five Rating: 36 Tags: ['sotm', 'gru-division-p', 'global-occult-coalition', '_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/first55
SCP-DEALS-J (ANOMALOUSLY LOW PRICES ON USED AUTOMOBILES) Rating: 223 Tags: ['vehicle', 'unclassed', 'scp', 'joke'] http://scp-wiki.net/scp-deals-j
Pitch Meeting Rating: 30 Tags: ['sotm', '_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/pitchmeet
Minerva Lifted Rating: 23 Tags: ['sotm', '_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/minerva-lifted
Moonrakers Rating: 23 Tags: ['sotm', '_v', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/moonrakers
The HAMI-BOMBARD Blues, Part I Rating: 22 Tags: ['gru-division-p', 'global-occult-coalition', 'sotm', 'tale'] http://scp-wiki.net/hamibombard1
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