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Number of SCPs Written: 3
Number of Tales Written: 2
Number of GOI Formats Written: 0

Net Upvotes Received: 179
Average Rating per Page: 35
Average SCP Rating: 49
Average Tale Rating: 16


Title Rating Tags Link
Every Other Day Rating: 18 Tags: ['tale', '_z']
SCP-2580 (Father-Daughter Project) Rating: 48 Tags: ['wooden', 'ectoentropic', 'extraterrestrial', 'safe', 'scp', 'toy']
SCP-2446 (Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits")) Rating: 24 Tags: ['scp', 'location', 'keter', 'ectoentropic', 'cadaver', 'mtf2016', 'co-authored']
2525 North Waterworks St. Rating: 14 Tags: ['mtf2016', 'tale', '_z.']
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